Exit Planning 

Exit Planning is not just a plan. It is a strategy rooted in execution that grows value while expanding options so that an owner can transition the business on his/her terms when they are ready. It aligns the business, personal, and financial needs of the owner”[i]

Any improvement in business processes and financial health will marginally increase the value of the organization.

There is a saying in the industry – “transition ready businesses are more valuable”.  This is largely the result of continual de-risking combined with the improvements seen in the Value Acceleration process.

A core component of the training involved in becoming a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) is building a team of professionals to collaborate with as wealth is built for the business owner.  Each professional brings his/her functional expertise (legal, tax, insurance, accounting, finance) with the same Exit Planning playbook for that owner.  Unique to a skilled Exit Planning Advisor is the attention to both sides of the business owner – the business and the personal.

Exit Planning is “attached at the hip” with Value Acceleration.

To better understand your business and its potential, the Exit Planning process begins with a baseline of what the business is worth, today.  Take the first step in discovering what your business is worth by answering just a few questions by clicking [here].  Start making better decisions for your company and its growth, today.


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