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Jason Sellnow

Jason Sellnow


I have worked over 25 years for small & mid-sized family-owned businesses.

These experiences have set the stage for my transition to helping small businesses in a non-employee relationship.  I have seen 2nd generations and various family members join organizations I have been involved with, and for those that have not hired family members – all of them have had family members visit the office.  The family oriented attitudes of owners often extended to many employees that were not family.  Indeed, there is a culture that differs from large corporations where owners are distant from the hundreds or the thousands of their employees.

I launched StraightForward Financial Insights in 2017 after leaving Southern California for my home state of Wisconsin.  Why move to a cold-weather state?  To be near family.  I have two grandchildren in the Milwaukee area and being 2,000 miles away simply would not do.  Why start my own firm?  To take control of my own schedule and provide solutions for business owners with whom I had cultivated unique and valuable experiences they could benefit from.

I help my clients with accounting, finance, cash flow, and exit planning solutions.  Clients may often phrase this differently – that I help owners reduce their anxiety and bring their goals to fruition.

I am proud to have achieved the following academic degrees and professional certifications:

M.B.A. with Finance Emphasis, Pepperdine University
B.A. Business Administration, University of LaVerne
Certified Management Accountant, CMA, Institute of Management Accountants
Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis, CSCA, Institute of Management Accountants
Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Exit Planning Institute

Alan Zeffer

Alan Zeffer


Alan has over 40 years’ experience working with large public companies both NYSE and NASDAQ, family-owned businesses and start-ups as well as having extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions having completed over $1 billion in transactions. This wide range of experience provides Alan with the financial and operational tools needed to assist businesses and their owners through a variety of issues and challenges.

Successfully working with family-owned businesses, smaller companies and start-ups provides Alan a high level of satisfaction. It is those companies that provide the greatest opportunities throughout a variety of industries and our economy. Alan believes in the StraightForward fractional CFO approach which allows a client to resolve a variety of issues without committing to the requirements of a full-time employee: while we work on various issues for our clients what we are really doing is relieving the stress associated with a variety of business decisions.

Alan and his family moved to Wisconsin in 1988 and they love it here. Alan has a BS in Finance from Mercy College. He is an avid golfer. Alan and his wife love to travel.

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